Thursday, December 8, 2016

Elections, Immigration, and Order (An open Letter)

To my friends to the south,

The recent United States election has many of you in the Leather community looking northward. Many have proclaimed, "I am going to immigrate to Canada!" Having recently immigrated to Canada, I can vouch for the expense and the difficulty in moving to this beautiful country. I can also attest to the fact that Canada is not the United States; this country has its own culture and its own values. Whereas the principles of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" guide the compass of America, "Peace, Order, and Good Government" are the foundational values of all Canadians. In the United States, an individual's freedom is held aloft as the ethical measure, but in Canada, "The Charter of Rights and Freedoms" emphasizes the importance of living together in harmony and peace.

Sadly, I am overwhelmed by the intolerance within my community. Many people seem so focused on defining themselves, their titles, and their rights, that they forget how to be part of a social group. Often, their selfish statements are reserved for social media posts where the electronic device, like a mask, can hide the faces of these individuals. Emboldened by the mask, they berate others for not using the right words, the correct terms, the latest phrases, or proper titles. By doing so, these people undermine any sense of community.

Some suggestions regarding how to catalyze change. Kinder words will always hold sway over harsh ones. Showing patience and understanding will encourage better communication, whether in person or on social media. Anger will never convince others to change their opinions. And humility, that near absent virtue in contemporary society, will always introduce future dialogue.

My American friends, before you debate immigrating north, I would recommend that you understand the basic principles of the Canadian "Charter of Rights and Freedoms." Begin the immigration process by seeing yourselves as part of a greater community. Explore ways to encourage peace within that community, that is, our Leather community. And stop worrying so much about how you are labeled, defined, or addressed.

And to my non-American readers, the same principles apply. Support the Leather community by being less defensive about yourselves.


SIR Hugh, an Ex-Pat Pollyanna!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

BLUF is in the Details

Dressing in BLUF gear requires that a man surrenders to a dress code

that sets apart those who love Breeches and Leather Uniform. The strictness of the code defines the discipline that a BLUF man displays in relation to his second skin. Details regarding accessories to the requisite Uniform can take on extreme importance to a BLUF man: jacket type, boot maker, glove style, cut of the shirt, shape of the breeches' thigh, and, most especially, well-tailored fit of every Uniform piece. These details inform other BLUF men about the man who has respectfully surrendered himself to the code.

In a similar fashion, the upcoming BLUF events in Vancouver, British Columbia, include a number of details that will make participants' experience more satisfying.

  • The Mitchells are hosting an "Cards Against Humanity" event on Friday night, November 11, for those who are participating in the BLUF events. This event will be at their home, a chance to socialize. No BLUF dress code for this event. Light refreshments provided. To learn more, contact either SIR Hugh or Doug on Facebook, or via email at: Please notify the hosts in advance; no exceptions!
  • For those out-of-town gentlemen who go the gym, Denman Fitness is our gym of choice. Admission is a minimal $9 when accompanied by one of your in-town hosts.
  • If you are arriving by bus or train and staying in Davie Village, Bus #23 is an inexpensive mode of transportation that takes you right down Davie Street. The buses run on a regular basis. The bus stop is located across the street from the station.
  • If arriving by plane, the Sky Train from the airport takes you directly downtown. Get off at the "Yaletown - Roundhouse" stop, head up the stairs, and walk ten minutes to Davie Village. Or take the #23 bus that stops close by.
  • If your Vancouver hosts can assist in answering any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

I am looking forward to meeting up with other BLUF aficionados in the area next weekend. There is nothing that I like more than going through the ritual of dressing in Gear in anticipation of an event: Boot socks, Breeches, shirt, boots, Sam Browne, tie, Muir Cap, gloves, and, finally, meticulously chosen items that subtly set me apart from other BLUF men.

To a great weekend of Fetish and Brotherhood here in Vancouver, BC!

In Leather,

SIR Hugh

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Exposing fetish (The Intimacy of Leather Uniform)

The first time I put on a pair of Leather trousers, I felt my cock immediately become engorged. The feel of the Leather against my legs, my ass, and my genitals elicited an automatic sexual response that I could not control. I knew immediately that Leather was not simply a fashion choice, but something far more powerful. Against my skin, Leather amplified my sexual desire. No longer an object separate from myself, I bestowed the Leather with life; the Leather became a catalyst for physical transformation. Crotch bulge, ass cheeks, thighs, even the muscular curve of my calves, each in turn was transformed into a nexus of pleasure, to be caressed and worshiped either by a lover or by myself.

In tandem with the purchase of my Leather trousers, I purchased a pair of heavy, black Leather Boots. And shortly after that, a fitted shirt, tailored to show off my chest and trim waist. My Leather Uniform grew until, fully realized, I had become the very man that I had feared years before. With Leather necktie tight as a noose around my neck, and Sam Browne over the right shoulder, visually linking my bulging crotch to my rounded ass, I felt complete.

Fetish is the amplification of sexual desire, catalyzed by a particular object. For me, that object is the aggregate Leather Uniform. Although I feel that I look my best dressed in Breeches and Uniform, I do not wear it to look pretty. Rather, I wear Leather Uniform to conjure my darkest feelings. The interaction between flesh and hide literally transforms me, bringing the inside, outside. Covered in Leather from head to toe, I feel exhilarated, exposed, sexually honest.

In a spiritual sense, fetish is an object that is used in worship for its apparent supernatural power. Usually, the fetish object contains foreign matter such as bone or bodily fluid that imbues it with this power. In a similar fashion, my Leather has been sanctified through perspiration, piss, semen, blood, and tears. My heavy boots and my Leather trousers have been baptized by the cum of numerous boys; my shirt has absorbed the sweat of many evenings of heavy play and the blood of my own submission many years before. My Leather Gear shares the very fluids that bestow life.

In Gear, my sexual play extends far beyond the acts of flogging, fucking, and fellatio. My Fetish Gear becomes a creative medium that animates both me and my sexual companion. Sex becomes an unpredictable, shared journey. The discovery of the extent of my dominance is not dissimilar to that moment when Stevenson's Doctor initially encounters Edward Hyde. The dark side has emerged into the light. Finally, when sexual play has come to its organic conclusion, my companion and I are usually left prostrate, unable to move, much like Saint Paul, ecstatic and exhausted. More than the culmination of a hedonistic encounter, our shared Fetish has transformed us and, in the process, has reinforced our shared bond.

I am not shy in exposing the personal nature of my Fetish. My Leather is not theoretical. It is not an academic subject to be studied and inanimately discussed. To understand Fetish I must include myself in the discussion. To talk about Leather without such intimacy is tantamount to removing its ability to transform, a power that draws upon the interaction between the wearer and the worn. I wear my Fetish, and to speak of it theoretically is to repress its true nature in my life, a denial thrice spoken before the cock crows.